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23" 7.62x54r vepr with bolt hold open

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Guy from other forum just posted ,I tried it and can confirm its working

"So messing with my Vepr today I found that it might have a bolt hold open feature when charging. If I am charging the rifle at a point after the hammer is cocked use light pressure on the trigger and I hear another click then the charging handle is locked in the rear posistion and will only move forward again if you pull the handle all the way to the back."

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Hope these help, hard to get pics of what is going on. But basically its part of the bolt carrier that hooks on to part of the trigger assembly. After you pull the trigger it hops of and latches together and doesnt go forward till you rock it all the way back.












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I just tried it, it works with my 20.5".


I have a feeling not many people will manage to figure out how to do this little trick, but it's a nifty feature.


Sure takes a hell of a lot of force to pull the bolt back after doing this though.

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Well, I played around a bit more tonight, and was able to consistently get the bolt to stay open. I would still find myself fishing around trying to find the sweet spot to get things to drop in place, and I think if I had a full magazine I probably would eject 1-2 trying to do this.


I think it's a worthy thing to do, especially if you frequent those ranges that insist on an open bolt during cease fire...

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