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Firing pin replacement on a Saiga .223

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Will the firing pin from a bulgarian SLR106-21 5.56X45cal fit/work on a Saga .223 ? I don`t know if the bulgarians use a spring on the firing pin as the russian Saiga does . Thanks

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Yes they do use a spring loaded pin, but the abulgarian bolt is an AKM spec bolt and likely has the incorrect overall length of firing pin to work in the Saiga bolt.


Find Saiga replacement parts, or use a 5.45 AK-74 free-floating pin.

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Just curious . There is nothing wrong with my firing pin , but I would very much like to get me a spare , just in case. Any ideas as to where to purchase a Saiga .223 firing pin ? can the bulgarian pin be modded to work on the Saiga ? I seem to recall reading somewhere that AKM 5.45x39 pins worked on the Saigas but without the spring ...AKMs don`t have the firing pin spring , but if the bulgarians are .556/.223 and have a spring ... perhaps they would work ? how can we find out about it with certainty ? thanks

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Bulgarian SLR-106 .223 pin is probably not going to work. Again, the Bulgarian bolt is based on AKM design and not AK-74/AK-100 design. The bolt tail will likely be a different length, making the firing pin a different overall length. If someone here who has an SLR-106 could compare, that would be great, but it still doesn't mean that the pin will work. It would need to have the same relative internal dimensions for the spring-loaded pin to be compatible.


A 5.45 AK-74 firing pin will work, but you lose the spring. You would want a Russian or Bulgarian AK-74 pin - NOT a modern Bulgarian SLR series pin.


You can even use the entire 5.45 AK-74 bolt in a 5.56 rifle, but it needs to be checked for proper headspacing and adjusted if necessary.


AKM bolts are not the same as AK-74 bolts FYI. There are even 5.56 and 5.45 designs that are based on the AKM bolt design (primarily Romanian, Israeli, Bulgarian designs) that are not directly compatible with AK-74 parts. Sorry to confuse things even further.

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I have a batch of Saiga Spring Loaded firing pins made of hardened stainless steel.  The pin assembly includes pin, spring, and spring retention collar.

Contact me at cerephim at gmail dot com if you're interested, I can fill you in on price and other sundries.

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