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Muzzle break and folding stock questions

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Obviously I purchased a VEPR and now plan to get a break for it. I have it narrowed down to the two that I like the most and have read the most positive posts about. Please fill me in on any personal experience you have had with them positive or negative as well as likes/dislikes about each. Please keep this as unbiased as possible.


My choices are....


1)Tromix mini monster break- http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1509/Tromix-Mini-dsh-Monster-Claw-Saiga/Detail


I like that is is slightly shorter (3 3/4") than my other choice so it keeps overall length down, and it is heavier (8oz) which should help with muzzle rise. and being from the Tromix/monster break family I would assume recoil reduction will be good. I have a .223 shark break on my AR and it works too well inside a range booth.




2) Bonesteel arms firestorm break- http://bonesteelarms.com/12-Gauge-Firestorm-Muzzle-Brake-12gfsb.htm


It is 4.3" long and weighs 6.75oz. I have seen several very positive reviews about this lately about noticeably less felt recoil with it on and such. I do not like that the picture I have to use is a CAD drawing instead of a real break.





Now onto the stock question. I am a lefty and I plan to purchase, tomorrow, one of the Bonesteel Galil style folders. Now being a lefty a right side folder would seem like the right way for me to go. But with their stock if I use a right handed folder the sling point is on the left side of the rifle which seems like it would be akward. So, does anyone have a left side folder that they can hold with the wrong hand and tell me if it allows easy access to the trigger with your left hand with it folded please. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Bonesteel posted pics of the final brake installed on their v12, take a look for them, if not on this forum on the vepr forum, in their vendor section, for sure.


I do not have a bonesteel galil type folder, but ive used several Ace galil style folders both left and right folding, which are essentially the same shape and dimensions. In my experience, it makes no difference in which side the stock folds in use with the stock folded, its just a matter of preference in using the non trigger controls. I do not prefer the stock to sit over the safety if i can help it, because it interferes with my natural ak muscle memory, though it is still usable, i also dont like it to sit over a side scope mount, which isnt an issue with the veprs top rail, so for me its always build dependent, which is more important to me on that particular build, but both are perfectly usable.


If the sling swivel mount bothers you, just put a cable loop, or other simple swing attachment on the side you prefer, so it doesnt cross over on you.


So, no personal experience with your question, but those are my thoughts, hope it helps

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I am a firm believer in rh folders for righties, and lh folders for lefties. The rifle(or shotgun) carries much better on a sling when the rifle is against your body and the stock is on the outside. Also it is far easier to deploy a stock that folds towards your shooting hand. When bringing the rifle to bear from a slung position, it is much less awkward to deploy the stock if it does not have to swing past your body. It is also much easier to flip the stock open with the fingers of your firing hand, than it is to grab the stock with your offhand and pull it open.


That being said, with the galil stock it can be fired folded with either hand, it may cramp your hand a bit if you have large hands, and it is folded towards your shooting hand, but it does not block the trigger. I also strongly believe that firing the rifle while folded, should be much less of a concern than the above stated issues.

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Folding stocks were designed for transportation. Once a soldier is dropped off at the designated area the weapon stock is released, and not folded again until he is picked up. Having the stock in between you and the firearm when in a sling on your side, or on your back is annoying. And if there is any chance whatsoever of something going down, the rifle should be in the ready position for maximum effectiveness. No matter how good you are, everyone can shoot better with a shouldered rifle as opposed to hip shooting.

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