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The most unlikely malfunction ever!

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Got my brand new Saiga 12 around end of November. Fired about 100 shells in it's stock configuration (no pistol grip no trigger conversion) without problems except the few FTE on Win Universals which is common/expected.


However, two days ago at the range, my trigger failed to reset after a few shots. =O Opened the cover and had to pressed down on the hammer to let the trigger reset. The trigger felt strange after that and I noticed I couldn't pull it all the way back but it fired 2 more 10 round mags just fine.


After I got home, I opened the cover again to see if I could figure out what happened. I could see that the trigger barely releases the hammer. I also could push the trigger assembly forward a bit more from up top but the trigger/crossbar/wishbone would not push up past a certain point as if it was hitting something like the safety lever (which was not the case).


The trigger just seemed to stop when there is still ~1/4" of pull toward the rear. I looked and looked... even got out another uncovered Saiga to see what was different...


Eventually, I found the cause! Appears that Saiga had left me an easter egg! A rare piece from the factory I bet none of you guys have! =)








It was stuck under the point where the stock/un-converted trigger pressed down on the wishbone, preventing a full trigger pull. It was probably right under the wish bone when I had the failure of trigger reset and it got pushed back closer to the trigger. I had a feeling something was under there and used an allen wrench to push it out.



So what is it?? Any guesses? Here's a hint:



That's the bottom of the stock, see that screw hole? That's where the piece of round plastic came from! Perfect fit!



That thing could have been anywhere in the receiver all this time and eventually worked it's way under there to cause this freak malfunction.


If you have a new/unconverted Saiga, might be a good idea to just take a good look in your receiver just to be safe.


Edit: hmmm.. had to upload the pics. wonder why my links didn't work...

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Don't worry. You can spend four times the money and still get the same results. Check this out. This little piece of basting media was stuck in the back rib of a FN SCAR 17 mag. As you can imagine, it caused some feeding issues.


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