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Why dont we have a " West" section?

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OK however you want to define the location, you people west of the mississippi are all weird and picky about that anyway. :D


I suppose they didn't feel like making a section for each state or little sub region. Maybe we do need an other section tho for you people that feel left out and the rest of the world.


OH and southwest is listed right under northwest in the list, you could say its just SOUTH of it even if you wanted to :lolol:

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I don't lve in the Northwest, I live in Nevada. So why isn't there a section for this region? Or just Western Region?

As someone in Central Oregon, I'd say you fall into my region, this is the North West but it ain't Portland or Seattle. It's desert, there's mountains, folk are pro-2nd amendment rights, coyotes and tumble weeds, what have you, forests can be found but they're in the mountains, and it snows more often than not. We have more in common with Utah and Colorado but also more in common with Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I don't know what to call our area. Tell me if this rings true in your head?

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Dudes....really? Nevada and Kommiefornia are Southwest, get over it.



Ahhh, the ignorance....


There are similarities no doubt, but I would venture that there is no place in the Union as fully self delusional about its own shortcomings as is California. 004.gif


Besides, we deserve our own place because we are better than you, don't you know that? naaaa.gif

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