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First time out with SGL12-07 (a fun tale)

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Story first, then some pics for fun.


After a lengthy stint in K-Var's layaway hold, I finally got my SGL12-07 yesterday. The Saiga 12 has been "the one" for me for a few years now, my money was just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I had cash, there were no 12's to be found. If I was broke, they were everywhere. However when K-Var sent me an email stating they were releasing the SGL12 series it was game over. Had to have it.


I took it apart, cleaned it, lubed it, cycled the action a few hundred times and then it just sat there...staring at me. I took the advice of a member in another thread and decided to put off some sleep so I could shoot it and see if it had any kinks to work out. I stopped by the local store and picked up boxes of the following


Winchester Super X 2-3/4" #4 shot x25

Remington 2-3/4" 00 Buck x5

Federal 2-3/4" rifled slug x5

Winchester 2-3/4" rifled slug x15

Remington 2-3/4" #4 shot x25

Winchester 3" #2 shot x25


I put the gas regulator on "1" and started blasting. The SGL12 ate all of it with only two failures. One FTE with Winchester #4 which was being fed from the MD20, however I think I loaded that round incorrectly, or may have been just barely undergassed since it was early on in the session and not as broken-in yet, or could possibly just have been a crap round. The other was a light-strike on the Remington #4 which was caused by the bolt being 5% out of battery. When I pulled the trigger I felt the bolt finish riding home, so I recharged and it fired just fine. Both failures were within the first 10 minutes of my hour-long expedition so I feel good about that.


This gun is a completely different experience than I ever imagined. It's just fun. Blowing through 20 rounds of 12 gauge and watching the amount of impact it has on the target (and your body) is so damn fun.


Anyway, thanks for reading. Really excited it cycled everything on it's "break-in" run so well especially on setting 1, will do it once again then try the cheap stuff through it. Here's the pics.








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lolz, had to chang my avy to not break the cycle of hawtness...


anyways, tell me sunny, how are these importable? i want one ever since ya linked to one a while back, i just can figure out why people would buy converted gahbage if ya could buy the original for less cash???

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My story is similar - it is a great shotgun. I just had to work the MD/ProMag 20 drum - shave a bit of plastic to get it to fit right. I prefer the drum to the longer stick magazines. I upgraded to Tapco collapsible stock (required no fire control group to be moved forward) and UTG quad rail for the forearm - so I now have a pistol grip and adjustable stock, and red dot optic, I can put my flashlight on it for low light. I was just given a MD Arms V-Plug to swap out the original gas plug. I will give it a try as I am trying to get the saiga to work flawlessly - off the shoulder etc. The main thing I understand from talking to a few people - the saiga was supposed to eat anything - the gas regulator was meant to dial it in so it would not beat the shit out of itself, not necessarily make it feed better.


Remember NEVER lube the puck. And buy in bulk ; )

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