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WASR-22/FAL My "FLAK GUN" Conversion

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Well Gents,

I got Bored again. Awhile back I bought a well War-Torn FAL stock set Rhodesian Camouflage. It's been sitting waiting for something, and the day came around.

I picked up a WASR-22, I'm not a taccool type guy, so I kept thinking/wondering if i could get the handguards to fit.

The WASR-22 fell apart, strange how that happens.




It's a blow back rifle so the gas system wasn't needed. I whored out the FS block to fit where the gas block should be and pressed/pinned it backwards for looks. With a little cutting and fitting to the rear of the HG's, then adding some plastic and epoxy to enlarge the receiver nub, that end was done.




The front end turned out be easy also. Once I leveled the handguards, I just marked and welded some little nuts to the sides of the FS block. Some allen button heads hold them tight.




The pistol grip was simple also. Shaved the top flat and mounted it like a Tapco.





I had a US Muzzle brake off of an FAL. I didn't feel like getting a die to thread the barrel to 9/16ths, so I drilled out the threads in it and pressed it on the barrel. A little silver solder to lock it on and fill in the pin slots on the barrel. GTG




The stock.... EEK! Cutting, fitting, filling. Cutting, filling and fitting. There's alot of open space in that stock. LOL The trunion tang went into recoil tube hole so that was interesting. I won.

I didn't have a buttplate I was willing to donate to this project. So I took the grinder to the end of the stock an made it flat.

I used a buttplate from a Saiga stock (like they aren't around), ground that flat with the grinder, marked it, cut and fit it to the FAL stock.




With taking off the rear sight block, I lost the retainer for the top cover. I had ideas, but none were gonna be easy or come out as clean looking as I wished.

Your gonna laugh, but from the plumbing parts came a 3/4" copper 90. Cutting and a judicious amount of filing later, I was happy enough to silver solder it on.





I learned on the first WASR-22 a standard top cover helps with ejection of the spent cases.

With that I dug into the parts crate for a top cover project from long ago. You'll see....

I welded the AR rear sight base to the top cover. Nothing fancy, just tacked the 4 corners.




The top cover seemed to be necessary on this rifle. I made it years ago. A built in, spring loaded, folding carry handle. When you pick it up it moves towards the rear compressing a spring. When released it moves forward and down. I thought it was fitting to have a carry handle on it with the rest of the FAL furniture.





Born is a WASR-22/FAL, dubbed "FLAK" (thanks JoJo for that). I've done my homework and have the paint codes for coloring/distressing to match the metal to the stock set. Until then;





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How does your WASR 22 cycle?

I cleaned the piss out of it when it came home.

I've shot a few boxes through it already to make sure i didn't have any feeding issues with my mags.

Extractor is good. So far i'm happy.

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I got the Centari automotive paint in... So I had to make it "Pretty Ugly".


Looking a pics for a couple days, I've learned there is no rime or reason to Rhodesian rifles. Parts, slings, carry handles, paint..... LOL

Colors are nothing short of WOW! Distressing takes some of the edge off of the finished look, more better.

I stuffed the guts from a factory 10rd mag into a beat Bulgarian 74 mag. No real reason but looks.


Tis a done deal;







Yeah..... I know ..... stupid..... but......

It's different.


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