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Modified my Galil 35 round mags..

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I had a ton of front to back and side to side wobble with my mags. I didn't like that. I added weld so they would sit closer to the rails. My rifle seems to like a little side to side wobble in mag fit. I had em sitting real tight at first and had to file them down a bit on the front to sit a little lower. Got some wobble when I did that. Nor ging like they were originally, though.

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I made a post a while back on doing a similar thing - will find the link in the AM when not on phone. You can move the tabs down and outward by just bending them a bit. Not sure if the difference is .80 but it does improve fit and function. They still aren't my preferred mags though.

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I didn't want to start another thread about this, so I'm adding it here. Like I stated earlier in this thread, I picked up some beater Galil mags and modded them. One of the things I did while "rearsenaling" them was polish the legs on the followers to a shine with a dremel and sprayed a little Remoil inside the mag bodies.The followers were pretty rough moving through the mag bodies originally, now they move incredibly slick. If anyone is modding steel galils for a S223, I recommend doing this.

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