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Talk me into getting a vepr 308

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I've been wanting to get a 308 semi rifle for a while, and was looking at the scar 17, but the price is ridiculous now. Right now they have vepr 308 for around $900, and it seems like the best 308 rifle for reliability, and quality. Would you go with a 16, or 20 inch, and why?

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Me personally, I feel the Vepr rifles are worth more than they are currently going for.

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If you are going to keep the modifications low, then the 20" VEPR is an excellent choice.


If you are going to do extensive modifications, then you might consider the Saiga 308 instead, as the VEPR angle cut on the receiver limits your choices a bit.

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With the availability of the slant cut adapter, this leaves options so, gazpacho is sort of right. It was a bitch for a while till the adpaters became available. Fear the slant no more. :)


You may have to grind a little bit off of the part that slips under the grip nut to get it to fit flush but it's very minor grinding and just remember to de-burr it (always de-burr, no matter what you are working on, or your work will look sloppy and low quality).


I use the wood stock grip adapter but there is also one for the AR style stocks if you want that for a .308. With the wood stock adapter I run a Kvar fixed US made polymer warsaw length stock, it's nice, I can still get cheek weld too. I top that off with a polymer US made pistol grip and a US made foregrip made by Ronin's Grips and this is what I get.


(And suddenly I'm not allowed to use an "extension" that comes from this very website. Whatever that means, weird.)




Bingo, there it is.

And I actually hunt with this thing. I just opt for the factory 5 round mag instead.


To use US made mags like that one, just swap the factory fcg for ye old faithful G2. Cuz that is what they put in mine when I got mine. (It came with the CSSpecs 20 round mag and it operates smooth, good mag.)


Should you like the wood, keep it. I like the wood but I wanted the "Battle Rifle" look more. Still have the wood and will not part ways with it. It's Walnut btw.

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Ended up ordering one, should come in a few weeks. Only down side is its not a square back, but not much options available at this time.

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It's no big deal, doesn't make an angular one any less accurate or reliable. Just get the adapter of your choice, wood stock adapter or a AR stock adapter, or just keep the wood on it if you like it well enough.


Fired the thing last week for the first time in an indoor range. Surprisingly accurate even at close range (for a rifle at least) right out of the box. It did very well. Beat up my shoulder with the K-Var metal butt plate a little but I just laughed, no big deal.


You'll prolly like it. I know I like mine. Reliable and accurate, I can't argue with that. :)

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