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Saiga 12 semi auto tactical shotgun built and tuned for maximum performance by Saiga 12 performance specialists, Lone Star Arms of Albuquerque, NM.


Honed, fitted, and mirror polished bolt carrier, bolt contact surfaces, rails and hammer.

Polished and ported gas system - extremely smooth action and easy cycling with all types of ammo.


Magpul CTR recoil absorbing stock, rock solid anodized aluminum CAR buffer tube, CSS billet receiver block, CSS billet pushbutton folding mechanism


Krebs ghost ring combat sights.

Beneath the receiver is a US made M249 type pistol grip in matching black finish with builder designed extra heavy duty receiver mount, and an LSA custom fabricated US made AK trigger guard integrated with the original Russian factory safety stop.


Inside the receiver is a US made, builder enhanced, high performance G2 fire control group individually customized, refined, tuned polished and fitted to the honed, polished, and profiled original Russian bolt and bolt carrier.


Other custom features include an LSA custom bolt hold open mod which allows for easy removal and re installation of safety lever for cleaning and maintenance of receiver and builder enhanced adjustable gas system with settings for low, and high brass ammunition. 1 five round Izmash mag


Overall barrel length is just over 18"


I am selling this shotgun for $2,000 ( excluding the Sig red dot and the ITAC vert grip), originally paid $1900.


I can inlude all the pictured accesories: for $500 or we can piece them out as requested. I will part out these accessories only after the shotgun sells and the buyer decides he/she only wants the shotgun... (otherwise I would be stuck with a shotgun and no magazines... very sad camper indeed)


1 Surefire 8 round mag ($ 30),


4 AGP ten round mags (I paid$34 each) = $132


4 twelve round Promag drums ($ I paid 60 each), =$240


ITAC Stop lite/laser vet grip ($165)


Sig Sauer Red dot ($132)


Everything is in great shape. The Shotgun has about 400 rounds through it and besides the scratch from the saftey lever.. it is spotless.











Send me a message if interested and we can talk. Thanks fo looking

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