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Vepr 12 mags in stock

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I am a noob to this forum and have a coupla saigas. One is a 109 so no problem finding mags there,but the other is a 433 with factoyy magwell converted by Legion. I'm told it will only take speacial 10/12 rounders by SGM. I believe it is their SGM1210L model. Does any one have any experiences to share or know where to get now. I am currently using factory 8's.


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Just ordered two 10-rounders from MAA for my Vepr 12 that's en route to my FFL dealer. Stock level is at 112 now. At some point I may order a couple 12-rounders, but they seem really long and impractical in You Tube video's I've seen. The 10-rounders seem to be perfect. But I sure could go for a double stack 12 or 14-rounder....!!!

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Ordered me two of the 12 rounders. After getting stiffed by MAA for 23 business days and counting I had to do something. As always CSS rocks, MAA will never get another cent of my business.

MAA Charged my Card Almost $500 on the 9th & shipped nothing!!!

Really MAA? Really??? !!!

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I really wish I could get even one 10 rnd. I'm in cali so I'm limited to ten. Have the gun and can't find mags anywhere. Somebody have some mercy and hit me up when they come around? Thanks.

If you want a ten rounder and dont want to wait let me know. I would be willing to buy one of the 12s and cut it down to 10 for you then ship it to you. You would just have to pay for the 12 round shipped to me.

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While looking for available mags for my 040 build I came across a company out of Kentucky called Centerfire Systems. Their website says they have V-12's in stock for $1400.


edited: My bad, I didn't realize this was a magazine thread.

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