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For Christmas, I finally got my Mec 600 jr. (which I would have purchased this month if the girl didn't get me it :-P)

I also received two reloading books, and ordered a reloading book on small bore from BPI.

Now this is where things get hazy. I immediately noticed that any loads concerning .410 3" were either birdshot, or 00 buckshot...

I cannot find any loads concerning 000 buck or the newest 0000 buck.

I did find a load I will be testing for slugs (compliments of a friend who researched the matter and came up with a 215 grain 41 SWC turned upside down, used in his Mossberg for a while now)

(such load will be started off at minimal powder loads until I find the sweet spot.)



What I am looking for is a book (or even a photo from a book) showing loads that can be done for 000 buck and 0000 buck.

I can clearly go buy these off the shelf (Federal has 5 ball 000 buck, parkalese has 5 ball 0000) so I am looking to do the same for less money

I preemptively purchased 8 lbs each of 000, 000 nickel plated and 0000 buck.

If the 0000 would have to be saved until I repurchase a 12 gauge, so be it. (sold my maverick 88 because my GF could not operate it)

However I would like to be able to use the 000 for HD rounds.


If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


And yes I did search google for hours/days, but I must be inputting the wrong info.



Also despite the risks if people have personal favorite loads please feel free to list them. If I feel its safe, I will try it out.




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Ballistic Products has a decent small bore loading guide book.


That's that one I started with to amke my own loads. If you look in the 410 section of the forum under the thread "Reloading supplies arrived" you'll find a some photos of range testing I did, and some load data that may help.


I use the book as a guide and work loads around the data in it. So far everything I have worked up has shot and no damage to me or the gun has occured.

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yea i saw that. wanna start experiementing with the 5 pellet 000 buck?

I cant until I get prices on a single shot 410. Thinking H&R, but not sure yet. My buddy will get back to me today with some.


I can make 5 pellet, but they don't load in the drums or SMG mags. With the wad cup I use. I may try another wad cup and see if I can get 5 pellet to work in the drums and SGM mags.

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thank you forklift.

do you use buffer to fill the void as to not flatten the shot?



5 pellet fits in my 10 rounder, but I have a problem with all ammunition once i get over 8 rounds with it.

Theres a trick on here of cutting down the inside, i just havent gotten time to do it


Also I may just buy russian 10 and 15 rounders and do a few more parts on my conversion.

Right now I am counting on an American magazine for 922r. if i can I'll do the trigger group and that should make it either way

we cant have pistol grips in CT.... So at least I have a thumbhole stock.

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good thing i already bought BPI stretch wads lol. thanks forklift. starting my recipe at 14gr H110 to be safe. will go up from there.


also, federal 5 pellet 000 fits perfect in SGM 10 rounder :-D




Well in another note, after adjusting my Mec press to 3" as per separate instructions included... it is failing me miserably... so im calling it quits for tonight.

Its not reaching the top of the shell with the crimp starter. i spent 15 minutes going over it and over it again, but I must be missing the problem, either that or the instructions are worthless and I never should have moved the holes....


I also am failing at roll crimping due to a) no space for a drill press B) not that steady with a hand drill.



Ill try again tomorrow after work. when I am less frustrated about my septic system not working and a landlord taking his sweet time to fix it.

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Other intesesting notes:


Federal 000 Buckshot 775 FPS Handgun load


the buckshot comes in at 63 grains a piece, shy of BPI's 70 grain shot


The powder looks very similar to h110 (from sheen to cut size and shape) however that does not mean it is h110. Federal most likely uses an in house recipe.

However their powder charge is approx 9.5 grains.

with how fine the powder is, I am sure i lost .1 to .2 grains in the transfer and cutting of the shell.



Does anyone have numbers out of an 18.5" barrel? I believe the load is measured from a 3" barrel, but cant verify that either.


As stated it is rolled with a deep crimp, making it shorter than winchester's, and fills a 10 round SGM magazine quite nicely....



too bad i couldn't get a load going on my press tonight lol

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Reviving. So I went with Forklifts recipe.

Tested at 15 grains tho instead of 16. Just loaded some with 16.




Not a bad pattern for 15-20 yards or so. It was making one hole at 6 yards so i had to move it back lol.


The only issue is length. With this wad and the amount of powder needed (u can see it through the plastic, taller than brass) it only fits in the stock magazines (but 4 fit just fine :-D)

I am looking for a shorter wad in the mean time (i think remington is a bit shorter), i may experiment with that


The reason for my delay in testing was Rossi (Taurus) sent my gun shop the wrong gun 3 times before we got it right 6 months later. Wanted a single shot tester gun before i ran it through my nice saiga lol




Now i need to get the recipe for 5 pellet 0000 from someone like parkalese lol.

If anyone knows it, i already have a ton of 0000 buck.

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perhaps the thickness of the shotcup surrounding the pellets could change the total diameter if you change brands or models of wad.


Has anyone tried using a few of Lee's 180 grain .401 cal SWC stacked in a judge load? I've been mulling that one over.

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