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7n6 vs wolf vs tula vs silver bear

ammo matchup  

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  1. 1. Which ammo do you prefer

    • 7n6
    • wolf
    • tula
    • silver bear

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Outdoor ranges, using dirt, should have no problems with mild steel-core.


My indoor range had rubber back-stops. Mild-steel tears them up.


Someone set them on fire with a tracer, recently. Idiot.

any yoose guys have trouble shooting 7n6 at a range? I hear the mild steel core is not welcome.

Kind of a strange post.



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I've since tried Tula and Hornady loads.


The Tula was decent. Plenty accurate (more so than it is out of my 7.62). Noticeably under-powered compared to the other two rounds though (my friend who I was shooting with noticed this and commented on the difference in report).


Out of 4 5-shot groups, I actually got slightly worse groups with the Hornady than with 7N6. Keep in mind that this is over the irons at 100yds, so that's approaching meaninglessness, but for that purpose, it has no advantage to me. Maybe a better wound channel? I'll get around to testing that at some point hopefully. Have 30rds left to screw around with.


So 7N6 still gets my vote. Really want to try Silver Bear and Golden Tiger though.

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I have some of the Golden Tiger, but havent shot any yet, and wont until I get more. I like 7N6 overall as well. Im curious as to why the Hornady didnt do any better. I wonder if its the slightly different trajectory over the lighter 7N6. I do have a very small few of the 70gr. Wolf rds. I want to test, and havent been able to find any since I wasted most of them. I only have 9 rds. left so its kinda going to limit my testing for it.

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I've heard that the GT's accuracy is superior to 7N6, but I'm mostly curious about how its wounding characteristics compare. The bullets are much different between the two than I thought they were:






I havent found any good ones comparing the accuracy between the two.

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