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Hey all,

I just purchased an Izhmash Saiga 12 along with a Chaos Titan Quad Rail. To install the rail, I had to remove the rear sight. In doing so I was an idiot and got a little rough with the gas tube and broke the two ears that hold the tube in position in the receiver. The metal looks like it is cast iron, so I can't find anyone who can weld on it. Long story short, I need a new gas tube (Part 4 on the attached image) and have spent the last three hours searching Google for somewhere I can purchase one with no luck. Anyone know of where I can go?




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I highly doubt it's cast iron - it may well be cast steel. It should be weldable without issue.


I misspoke, it is cast metal of some sort. I have tried two gunsmiths, both say that it is not weldable. Anyone know where to buy one?




how bad is it when you reassemble the weapon? its not a gas tube, just a shroud. ever seen one run naked?


The gas tube with the rear end piece (the part the rear sight mounts to) has about a 1/32" of slop in it when everything is assembled. Enough the weapon will not cycle about 80% of the time now.

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check with dinzag arms for a new one



Can You post a pic of it? Some don't reuse the gas tube on SBS builds. And as posted above Dinzag may have one


Here is a picture of my F-up...


I will try Dinzag tomorrow, but I am looking for something with stock dimensions because I have the Chaos quad rail to put over it. I didn't see anything like that on their website.



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I had another thought too, you might try taking the tube to a real welding shop instead of a gun smith. I've seen skilled welders do some flat out unbelievable stuff before.


On a side note, I've never met a welder than didn't own guns (they might be out there, somewhere?). They'll probably be very excited to work on it.

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Needs to be welded. Hard to find spare parts without buying most of a gun too. There are smiths here could fix it, you're not the first person to do this. Shoot an e-mail with the pics to Leland at Sierra Ordnance Company and see what he says, I'll bet he can set you up.

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