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80% AR receiver. anybody do one?

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while wandering around online last night, i saw a few webpages about 80% finished ar receivers, and they sparked my interest. i tried google and the local search engine but came up empty on reviews or info on making it. to be honest, if nothing else, i'd like to just give it a try to see if i can do it. i do alot of drilling, both precision and quantity, so i don't mind, and not being an FFL item, i'm not afraid to screw it up. so has anyone done one?


also, is anyone aware of any build parties outside of california? I know the parts to finish it are nonexistant, but hey, like i said, i might just want to do it for the fun of it


thanks in advance

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thanks for the info guys. i found alot of companies willing to sell them, and some that were even in stock, but i haven't found anyone (outside of tony now) who has actually done one.


I've found them online for 60 bucks, already anodized. i'm aware cutting/milling will ruin that.


tony- thank you for the response. i don't mind a PITA, to be honest, i might just undertake this project for the fun of it. these may not ever even become AR's, though recent internet reading suggests a AWB is losing steam, but back to the point. Did you enjoy the product, and was it a near factory quality? i'm aware i may have to "learn" on a few, but i've drilled alot of different stuff in weird situations.


also, i'm thinking of calling around a bit. i can probably get a hold of a few guys who have CNC machines without a great degree of difficulty, and that would be kinda cool.


sorry, edit. i do actually have a nice lower i bought ( still naked though) a while ago, so this isn't really about what i need to do, its more about what i can LEARN to do.


thanks again

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Where for $60??? Post the link or PM me for the info.


I have done a few I have done the Tactical Machining 80% and the Quentin Defense. Used the TM JIG for both.. have done the upright mil and the CNC version.


Of course if your not in a Leftist State take Tony's advise buy a regular Lower and register it as a pistol. If your not in a state that allows that, then a 80% is the way to go.


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I have two 80% lowers on order from a group buy on Northeastshooters.com for

green members @ $75 each. We also set up Build Parties so that everyone can get

their lower finished. I would like to purchase a jig from them too but funds are

tight right now.



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Built many of both AR and AK receivers. FIrst the AR, it is not for anyone with a drill press. it is a royal PITA and I do mine on a mill. If you are not confident in machining or capable of scratch building a semi auto go buy one.

The AK is even more diverse you need to be able to work sheet metal, weld and drill with accuracy they are more forgiving in tolerances and you can work on them with just a hammer but not for everyday home shop screwdriver spinner.

If you have someone near you that has built before seek them out and learn from their mistakes, I would not recommend either without supervision.

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