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CTD Magically Got a bunch of Mags in Stock

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Not 20 minutes after the abomination by the White House concluded today, I got an email from Cheaper Than Dirt highlighting all the High Capacity Magazines "Back in Stock".


Me thinks they been holding on to shipments for a while for this very day. I had to laugh and share. I need to get off their mailing list.

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Got that email too. 30 round Tapco AK mags were in stock and listed at $39.99 each.



just looked at their page, they had those at 29.99 but they already sold out of them too.



- just watched an auction on gunbroker end at 450$ for 5 .223 bulgarian waffles, reserve not met. 90$ per mag is what people were willing to go but that wasnt enough for the seller? crazy days.

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Got a metric shit-ton of chinese pre-bans before the summer. I should do some unloading and buy a 5.45 Saiga........oh the possibilities :greedy:


Smoke em if you got 'em VR6Shooter. :)


Personally I don't care what CTD charges, they just aren't going to charge me that much. I just look at the site and Gunbroker for a good laugh these days. Obviously I wouldn't be laughing if I didn't already have what I need, so I guess there are many out there that won't find too much humor in it.

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The motherfuckers didn't get my notification to me till 7:10pm!

AK mags were already gone by then.


Fucking price gouging bastards. I'm sooo done with those asswipes.

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Its called a panic for a reason, people in a panic don't think straight.


Think, if you had made no preps for this day how much would you spend to insure you were armed?



I dont get all upset with merchants I just don't buy from them, it works well keeping the blood pressure down.


Interesting times.

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