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Mississippi disables their phone number and marks emails as spam. What

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Short background. I purchased two Vepr 12s from Mississippi on preorder. For doing so, you were supposed to get a 10 round magazine with each gun. I'd done a lot of business with them before on S12 conversions and thought that I'd get my Veprs from them for the extra magazine offer and having had a history of purchasing from them.


They've been shipping magazines now for a while. They have chosen not to honor their additional magazine offer and have chosen instead to sell those magazines to someone else.


I have tried to call them, but the number is no longer in service.

I have emailed them and not gotten and answer. I email them in the morning and in the afternoon a few times a week.

They have now marked my emails as spam.

You can tell if they mark you as spam because you will stop receiving their automated message back.



I have no way to contact them. Any thoughts or help?

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I know MAA is hammered, perhaps even overwhelmed with work right now..

stay on 'em... I'm certain they will honor whatever deal they made... They are good people.

BTW, don't you already have a thread on this topic???

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I can't stay on them. I'm completely cut off outside of jumping on a plane and going over there.

I do, but then I realized they had their own section. I'm hoping to get a response from them or anyone that might have another way to contact them.

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I have no idea what you mean by mark emails as spam, but hope that I can help clarify the issue with the phones and the VEPR12, 10rd mags. To be clear, we are honoring our comitment to provide the free 10rd Vepr-12 mag. As you know when the pre-orders were made, neither were in stock. When we received the mags we did not receive as many as expected and our subsequent shipment has not yet arrived. Thank you for your patience, you will get your magazine.


With regard to the phones we were getting over 3000 calls a day by people attempting to place phone orders once items were out of stock on the website. We first had issues with the phone system crashing and then turned them off because we would rather complete the outstanding orders than get new orders and make the delay even worse. We have moved the people on the phones to processing orders as quickly as possible to catch up with Obama's Gun Run of 2012/2013. We are very sorry for the delay.


We are responding to emails. There is a very significant delay in replies unfortunately due to the volume so we send out an auto-reply with general information for customers while they wait for our specific reply. Thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time. If you have a specific question, charles@mississippiautoarms.com is my email address.




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DAC45, you like to post on the net, but you won't send us a personal message with your username or order number. Did you ever make an order?

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