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Bonesteel Arms folding stock for Saiga 12 - First Impressions

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Just received a Bonesteel Arms folding stock for Saiga 12 after waiting a month for it because it was out of stock (no ones fault). The cost is reasonable at $150 USD but from time to time there are sales that lower it's price. By the way this is almost the same folding stock as their Vepr-12's but the Saiga 12 stock is $15 USD cheaper. Correction: The Vepr-12 stock cost the same as the Saiga 12's.


This Bonesteel product is made of 6061 t6 aluminum tubular stock and is Galil style.


On this folding stock the standard bottom screw for regular stocks is not used. I put mine in just to cover the open hole and luckly my after market MD ARMS Molot style pistol grip covers 40% of the screw and keeps it from getting lost.

I recommend adding sling swivel for $5 USD. It is a useful option and it balances the look of the Bonesteel Folding stock, without it there is just a gap on the side of the product that looks odd to me.


My view on the product is that it is high quality and a tough piece of gear. It is a serious folder that I don't think will become loose or wear out anytime soon. I recommend this metal folding stock to anyone who wants a good folder that is designed well and will last. So far I like it a lot.


Below is a video of the folding stock in action.






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Very nice review. 032.gif


It looks like the charging handle clears the stock when in the folded position. Nice. About how much clearance is there?



Oh, for future reference, the forum has a section just for doing reviews:



Yes, I can charge the shotgun and fire it with the stock closed. A pretty good design.


Oops, you can tell I'm new. From now on I post reviews where they are suppose to be.


Thanks for your reponse. Izzy Shooter.

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It looks like the rear tang can be left installed? Can anyone confirm this?

Thats one of the attachment points. So yes, you retain the rear tang.

sweetcostarica (USN) confirms what sapper1371usmc said above. Not having to cut the tang off is a plus to me because I might latter on want to put a regular non-folding stock on it again. You might too. This makes it a great folder to use for that option.

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What is your cheek weld like when using this stock? Is is similar to that of a stand Warsaw-length fixed stock?

Cheek weld is good for my big head using the regular Saiga 12 sights. Some might prefer padding for an EOTech sight (or similar) that raises you eye level.

The Bonesteel folding stock for the S12 comes in Warsaw length and NATO length. The one I bought and the one that's in the pictures is NATO length.

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Kanekoa28, the warsaw length is out. I have one. Get to ordering!


there is one more length looking to be released sometime in FEB.


"Curently we have nato length available which measure 10.4" from the rear of receiver, we will be releasing warsaw length 9.4"(same as standard ak stock) and entry 8.4" as soon as we can."



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Where can I order the warsaw length one? Their website is not up to date.




you have to select left or right folding before you can select the length.

We are working on updating site and pics, but currently are more concerned with getting orders out the door, than with increased marketing.

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I should also add to my review that the end of this stock is hard and so you will probably want a recoil pad of the removable type at the range or hunting. For me I find the "Shooters Friend" recoil pad reduces the felt recoil by a good amount. No bruise on my shoulder. Cost about $20 USD and it fits the Bonesteel Folding stock well.


Not tacticool looking at all but it works better that any other recoil pad I have ever used - I, being born in 1962 (I'm 50... I'm 50!).




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Looks good! I have been looking for folder options and since I cant afford to have a gunsmith do the work on a K-var folder this seems like the next best option for me. I just got my first s12 for xmas and will be ordering a left folder soon. Hope the order doesnt take forever to get filled. I may be doing this to my s20 if it is all it seems to be. My 7.62 will stay solid k-var.

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It seems like the triangle stock wont work with MD20rd drums, maybe the Warsaw would but doubt it. Guess I can always keep it ready to rock with some 12rd mags and pull the drums out with it open if sh*t get heavy. I imagine the M4 would work with the drums if completely collapsed. Does anyone know about this and could give me some advise before I order?

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