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Chaos rail, what stock to use FAB GL or CTR?

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Hey guys, how's it going? new member here with a slight issue. smile.png


I Received my Chaos rail, the full length version, in the mail today. Upon installation I realize my SOPMOD stock sits way too low and as of today, there's no risers in the market for it.

I need a collapsible stock with cheek riser. I've only found 2 that meet my specifications:

1. Magpul CTR with .75" cheek riser. The .75" riser is the highest riser they offer. Might still be too low?

2. Fab defense GL stock with cheek riser. I'd like to know how high the riser actually extends? the listing doesn't have that info.



Any other options?


FAB GL with riser owners, how far up does the riser extend?



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Thanks a hell of alot for those pics!


I think I will be going with the GLR, unless there are other alternatives. At this point the only other alternative I have found is the standard stock with Tapco riser. Between Tapco and GL, I'd go with the GL.


I'm glad I could be of assistance. Welcome to the forum. When you get stuck by a challenge don't forget to use your search and look for an answer. There is one shit load of info available here. The diff between the GLR and the Tapco is like comparing a McClaren F2 to a 1966 Beetle. 015.gif The GLR is also recoil absorbing plus I tossed a Limbsaver Pad on. Recoil????? What recoil. Good luck with your build. Post pics when you're done.

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Chaos extended version with HK sights and an Aimpoint Comp and a MOE with 3/4" riser. Works for me.


Isn't Fab Defense Israeli made? Can't be counted for a compliance part.


Worked my way around that with other US made parts.


Anyone here have purchased directly from FAB defense?, how long did it take to receive?

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