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Thoughts on my new R&R saiga

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First I have to say that Robert has been extremely helpful and really helped my decision in buying his open class s12. Honestly wouldnt have purchased it (yet) if it wasnt for his awesome customer service and confidence in his work. I shot him a email with some questions about his open class, and he was calling me the next day to talk about it. So today i received the gun.... I own a good amount of quality pistols, rifles, and shot guns. And a stock saiga is not one of my favorite guns it has alot of room for work. Well after opening the package, seeing all thats included, the mags (i think he gave me an extra one) im pretty sure i only ordered 3, cleaning kit, Aimpoint, his stock has became one of my favorites going to replace a couple AR stocks, and then... The shotgun.. It feels nice in the shoulder, weight was honestly not what i expected. In pictures the stock and Extended hand guard looked almost bulky/heavy. it is far from heavy. i have not shot it but i know the swing is going to be quick and stable, just like an ar... Enough about a gun i havnt shot. Im counting down my 10 days. Quick questions.. I could easilly call Robert but im sure the guy is super busy. Any break-in procedure with the gun? i know he tests it out to make sure its running right before he sends it out.. my first day with it I will be putting it to work!


Action report soon! (9 days) smile.png



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You should not need to do any break in. I have 2 that I shoot in competition and they will shoot most ammo from cheap 7 1/2 on up but I have found that the Winchester AA SuperSport ammo to function the best in mine. I shoot the 1 oz, 7 1/2 loads. They are fast, rated at 1350, and make the gun shoot very flat. The part number is AASCL127Y. I just buy it by the case off the internet. For slugs I run Fiocchi Exacta Aero Slugs, which push a 7/8 oz slug at 1300. Part #12LESLUG. I use Federal Flightcontrol buckshot, part #LE133 00, which shoots 8@ 00 pellets at 1145. Once you settle on ammo that functions in your gun always run the same stuff at matches. It may cost a couple of bucks more but it will work. Let us know how your new gun works, welcome to the R&R club!



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