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Where to start?

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Let's begin with the list of parts. the best we've found to date was in the following post:




Bear in mind this list doesn't include the stock or pistol grip since they were counted with the receiver (all one part). Once you modify the firearm to accept those pieces, the parts count increases to 16. Also remember that the 922r game is one of subtraction, not addition.


Carolina Shooters Supply (a business member here) probably has the best selection of any one place. Tooth and Nail Armory (another business member here) has a growing number of pieces to offer as well. I have their forearm and I love it!


If you search through the MKA-1919 sub-forum you will fine several posts concerning the "how to" portion of cutting the stock and pistol grip. Be careful, measure twice, cut once! I did it myself - it's not too hard, just go slowly and be careful.


At this point it doesn't seem to matter whose stock adapter you buy, the measurements and process are the same. Choose the one you like / can get your hands on. and go for it!

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The imported parts count would only go up if you used imported parts. If you used all US made parts when cutting off the stock and grip then your imported count does not change.

True, but they must be accounted for. If you put a foreign-made stock on your tube, you would increase the foreign parts count. Again, my point was to be careful. The issue is people aren't as careful with the origin of parts when putting them on an AR, so origin often goes unnoticed.



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