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Who has conversion kits in stock?

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Hey All,


I have a new Saiga 7.62 and am learning TONS about it from all of the excellent info in this forum. I've spent some time reading the various conversion threads in here and am kind of overwhelmed a bit. After more reading I'm sure I can figure it all out. First and foremost though, it looks like some of the vendors that carry these kits are out of stock of some of the needed parts. Maybe I'm just not looking for the right parts or on the right websites. I want to get the parts needed ASAP so I can begin converting my AK. Does anyone know where I can find the kit or ALL of the parts I'll need to do this? I plan on using a different PG than the one supplied with teh Tapco kit, maybe a hogue or similar rubber grip. Not sure if this makes any difference on the kit I'll need. I also want quality parts and not cheap kits or knock offs. Any input from you guys would be much appreciated.




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I had this same problem a few weeks ago with parts being out of stock. Carolina Shooters Supply gives you a list so you can piece together your own stuff. I bought a G2 trigger, trigger guard, and pistol grip nut from them and the rest of the parts from Amazon. It was better than waiting for every single piece to be available from one source. At this point you're better off ordering from two places and pay a bit extra on shipping than wait for a single source.

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Yes, sinkhole is a great word to describe the addiction that is Saiga. Just when you finish one, you will be ready to start another. So many calibers and so many options of how to dress them....


I have a 7.62 with wood furniture....







Now I want to do another in black polymer with a skeleton stock. When they dip below $500, I'll get one. Not sure when that will happen, but I am patient.

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