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One thing that shocks me about NFA is that there wasn't (as far as I have ever heard) massive resistance. Guns that fall into SBR/ SBS or AOW categories were extremely common. Most of the popular cowboy action guns have a little caveat that the reproduction is accurate, except they had to make the barrel longer.


Think of all the cool pistols that had a stock you could add. The colt revolver with a stock is well known, but also thing about the mausers, hi powers, and many other pistols that had a holster that could be used as a stock.. I think that is a brilliant idea for a wilderness gun. Light weight, quick to grab, and if you need to hunt for survival, you can use the stock and shoot a lot straighter.

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Its 10.5" when that round is optimized at 11.5"?


Im gonna build mine into a 11.5" 'firearm' with AFG and rifle-length buffer w/sock.


Its another shitty platform that wishes it was better than an AK?

This one is better than an AK at lots of things. Aks are better than this at lots of things.


I knew there would be one that couldnt resist. cool.png

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I'll admit, I missed the short barrel.


Any legit seller (who knew the law) would post SBR in BOLD letters.


I would have e-mailed him with a warning. If he didn't take it down or modify the listing, I would consider calling the auction site and then maybe, the BATF.


People like this are bad news, for people like us.

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