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confused-how many 922r parts on s308?

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I am getting ready to convert my s308 and from what ive read some sources claim the s308 has more parts than a 7.62x39 saiga. I am going to be using dinzags modified fcg and an ati thumbhole stock. In this configuation will i be 922r compliant? Id rather not rely on mags for compliance as i kinda dig the factory ones. Id also like to keep the handguard factory as well, maybe add a rail section and cut vent slots etc. Thanks again for the help.

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I would not go by this sheet, it is for a AK47 not Saiga's, Saiga's where not imported with pistol grips so you can not count that as a part. Again another issue is the muzzel brake, Saiga's where not imported with brakes/flash or any other attachment...

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Ok i cant seem to find the most intriguing one thats right off this forum but here are some other instances.



And this:





The one thread id read up here was talking about conversions then the guy said oops i almost forgot 308s had one more part. Ive dug around but cant find it. As it stands id take your guys word for it over the two above links lol but it was the last one that i am having trouble locating that gave me cause for concern.


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