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S12 rear sight pinned ?

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I am trying to remove the rear sight on my S12 and it isn't moving - period.


I have tried drifting it out, (tried both ways and nada) with a punch, clamping on it with a set of hydraulic jaws and trying to hammer it out with a ball peen and some other stuff that didn't work.


I pulled the gun up under the light with a magnifier to get some measurements off it to see if the dovetail was tapered or ??? and in the process see two small pins (look almost like whiskers) that are attached to the bottom of the sight and appear to be attatched at the base of the dovetail... looks like two little legs on the bottom of the sight going to the bottom of the dovetail.


I don't have anything small enough to get in there to cut the pins if they are indeed attached, so I thought I would ask about them before I get midieval on this thing.


Is the rear sight staked or pinned in place from the bottom ?


If so, how the hell does one remove the rear sight (properly) ? I'm about to start cutting on it, but that just doesn't feel like the right step to take... yet


Suggestions ?

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Cut along the width of it with a fine cutting wheel in a Dremel, ALMOST all the way through, then tap it out with a hammer. There is a thread in the stickies (I think) that shows it.

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On the same subject.... The new Krebs rear sight required a little sanding on the bottom in order for it to be fitted. No way was it going into that tight dovetail slot without fucking something up unless it was fitted.

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