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Seeing pics of the 9mm Saiga PCC and SMGs got me thinking, how much better it would be in the Tok round, and taking PPS-43 mags at that. More power and penetration, still cheap for now, and a com-bloc classic round. I can understand why they went with 9mm in this day and age in Russia, but can't help but think this would make a cool PCC/SBR. I mean on one hand everything positive that can be said of x25 also applies to 5.45, maybe it's just me but i think it would be a cool project. I know Suarez was getting an x25 made on some type of AK, never saw how it turned out.


Anyone ever do one?

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if you're looking for a 7.62x25 rifle, then you don't need to look very far for one, buy a Polish made PPS-43 pistol pay the 200 dollar tax stamp to make it into a short barrel rifle (SBR). MI allows SBRs. it takes about 30 minutes to make the stock functional, that is about what it took me.



and if you want a little bit more mag capacity, make a drum for it big_smile.gif



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And gave thought to a PPS when they were 300. with 4 35rd. mags, but...as much as I love choppers AND Soviet weapons never liked the looks or imagined feel of it.


I really like the carbine and Suchka sized Saiga 9's, just think .30 Tok would be better. The Saiga 9 that would really tickle my prostate is a 9x39 (complete with ammo). With or without can, seems like a cool thumper

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