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Anyone know?

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I'm trying to figure out who made the pistol grip and stock for my S12. It's a CAI conversion with Tapco parts. I would think that they're US made for 922 purposes, but didn't see a USA anywhere on the stock, and probably the same for the grip. The stock I'm not worried about as I'm going with the Kick Lite stock. But I'd like to keep the grip as it fits my small hands nicely.

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Here's the pics. The stock and grip do not appear to be the ones in the owner's manual, so I assume that they are add-on's, but I don't know the orgin.




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neither of those are tapco products that I recognise. If unknown I would treat them as imported. I suggest getting an MD arms grip. They are comfortable, simple and cheap. They are not huge like most of the overstyled finger groove grips that are popular right now.


What parts are tapco, the trigger group? Just curious where you got the idea that your components are tapco. Tapco stamps their name on the trigger groups.



I wouln't take anyone's word for it if it is something you need for legality. In your shoes, I would verify each part on the gunwiki 922 r saiga shotgun checklist. If you don't know for sure that a part is US made, treat it as foreign.

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