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Muzzle brake and gas tube powder coated or cerakoted for a steady diet

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of 7n6


Would someone with first hand knowledge give me some input regarding the suitability of powder coating or cerakoting the muzzle brake and gas tube on a Saiga 5.45 ?


This gun will see a continual diet of 7n6 and at times it will be a couple of days to over a week before cleanup can be properly done.


How hard is it to get cerakote or powder coat inside the muzzle brake and gas tube ? I know the outside will present zero problems during application, but the couple of people locally who *think* it can be done say it might turn out half assed at best.


Looking for some thoughts and input here...


Yeah I know, 7n6 cleanup ain't a big deal, but it ain't me that will be doing it, just trying to stack the odds a little and make the occasional delay in cleaning a little less of a problem.

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Powder coat would be really tough to get inside either part, but the muzzle would be pretty much impossible. I have not had good luck with powder, once it chips, it keeps coming off.


Cerracote application depends on what kind of air gun you are using and how good you are at it. Inside the tube would be doable, inside the muzzle...pretty tough. If you really really really want it done, dip it. It'd be thick, but what the hell. Cerracote is way better for staying on.


Either material is going to come off the inside of the muzzle brake. Powder particles moving at three thousand feet per second will scrub just about anything away in a pretty short time. I'm not sure how the well the inside of the tube will fair over time either.

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What kind of muzzle brake? If its a '74 style, Id be concerned about the threads on the sight block corroding away. After removing one a few times with any coating and it will likely be gone, leaving that corrosive residue to do its job. And letting it sit on there a few days wont help either. It will seem like its liquid nailed in place after just a few hours.


About the only way you'll get an even coat on it would be to dip it like suggested, then clean up the outside of it, and refinish it. Cant say on how long it would hold up, or what to expect with it though. I dont see the coating holding up great inside the brake itself. Id def. get one that is chrome lined to help with that, but not sure how good the new coating will adhere to the chrome.


I feel the inside of the tube and brake will be the least of your worries, as Id be more concerned about my GB and piston and bore if being left for a few days. Ive shot some here and let it set for a few hours and it started to show surface rust in the tube and on the piston. While its humid here, I could only imagine a few days. Id keep a small spray bottle of windex with ammonia-d handy for good measure. spray everything down good, wipe it down and put something over everything that will help prevent it until you can give it a good cleaning.


If it were me, Id see that it got some attention before Id risk damaging a good rifle. YMMV

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Stock Arsenal SGL31 brake.


I concur with your comments, but this isn't my rifle and I won't be around to clean it.


I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to help the inevitable (and obvious) result.


The owner of the gun in question travels 2-3 days at a time for work with little to no notice, as in the phone rungs and he's gone starting right now. I can see the gun not getting cleaned for a few days due to this.


Trying to figure out how to help the situation if at all possible.

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