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Carrier Rails

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Getting where I can disassembe and assemble this thing in the dark. Almost!! Removed the carrier and bolt yesterday and did some modifying and polishing. Got the carrier to the point I think I could use it as a mirror to shave. Works slick as owl shit but one thing baffles me. Pulling the carrier back fully, there is a hitch in it and as I looked, its where the carrier slides past the rails then slides back on them as it moves forward. Now I realize I'm working on an AK and precision isn't a quality but can't really see any solution. I took a small jeweler's file and made sure there was no rough edges on either the rails or the groove on the carrier, but don't see anything else that can be done.

Did find out the 10 inch buffing wheel and jewelers rouge was slow on taking the paint off so I threw the carrier in the blast cabinet and took all the paint off and out of the tiny grooves. Then started working it on the buffing wheel. I knew that big wheel and bricks of jewelers rouge was good for something. Looking at the pictures of bolts that had been modified, I came nowhere close to taking off the material they did. Just rounded the edges and did some major polishing. I'll try it first and see if I need to go further.

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There's a drop test you can do to see how slick your action is. With the bolt in the carrier installed and just the recoil spring removed, rest the gun straight up on the buttstock. Pull the carrier back, just out of battery so it's not locked up. Let it go and if it slides down past your hammer then you're as smooth as it can get without taking off too much material somewhere.


Can't remember where I saw that... there's a video somewhere though.

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