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Bonesteel folder installation

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So is there a proper instruction set or manual anywhere for how this process is to be done? Out of the box the folder from Bonesteel is covered in grease\cosmoline and I cannot get it to fold. There are two screws, one of which I know goes into the rear of the Vepr 12 receiver to hold it in. The other I have no idea what it does. At first I thought maybe it locked the folder into place when shipping- but even after removing it I cannot get the thing to budge by pressing on the actuation button.


I've removed the screw from the tapco stock my Vepr came with- but the thing is stuck. I'm not entirely surprised this is the case, but before I take a hammer to it is there anything else that should be done? Any kind of process on the inside of the receiver (through the dust cover)?



So in short:


1. how do I get the folder to fold (lol). Other folders I've used... Weren't quite so stubborn.

2. Any special procedure for removing the tapco stock?


Thanks in advance!

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take the recoil spring out from under the dust cover and underneath it you will find the other screw that needs to be removed. as far as the bonesteel folder....push down on the stock towards the hinge and it will unlock to fold.

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Easiest way i found was to use a rubber mallet (a vise is nice if you has one, but between your legs braced firmly works in a pinch) and tap it side to side at first to "break it loose" and give some wiggle room. Find a ledge to support the receiver against that offers good support and strike straight down and not at an angle. At an angle will be just wasting time. After every couple strikes see if it moved. The stocks are nice and tight, which is a good thing if theyre not being removed. Some have been harder than others.


To the OP, do not feel bad about trying the wrong thing to fold it. I did the exact same thing. I was sure that stupid button, that is not actually a button, was broken. After waiting two months for my stock i was about to lose my mind. Would have felt dumb complaining once Chris explained it, although he has amazing customer service and would probably have just laughed at me and explained my folly.

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