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vepr-12 side folder stock at

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For some reason centerfire wont ship to md and alantic charges 6 percent sales tax and dont have them yet I didnt wanna chance it not getting to me before our stupid law goes into effect

You should call, it could be a misprint. Not seeing a MD restriction on the Akdal.



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Yeah I guess that looks pretty screwed up first post an all. My bad.   Here are the pics even though seven62 was quicker on the draw.   44  

I just want my stock from Oleg.

so would i

Yea I have emailed them and they jus said it was the owners decision .I dunno y they wld do that u think they wld much business from md before the new laws


so go to the next state over and rent a PO box :) or an apartment for a month. I actualy think there are some store fronts that rent out "boxes" that are like a real address.


Can you just have it shipped to a FFL in the next state over and pick it up there ? Or have it shipped to one that then turns around and ships it to your local FFL not sure what it would cost or if its leagal. If its not Illeagal to have it in your state I am sure there is a FFL that will help you out.


And on another point your going to miss the boat over 65 bucks in taxes. The no tax thing is coming to an end fast anways so may as well get used to it.


And no I dont care bout the taxes money is not the issue more worried about the it not getting here in time

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Hopefully I will be able to pick up my Vepr after work tomorrow (actually today come to think of it.) I just had the thought would'nt it be nice if these actually came with the two mags as listed in the manual.


BTW can anybody post that manual/guide/supplement that Golden Tiger emailed you with your invoices & shipping notices? Was it anything important? I got so many from them i just thought it was like a PDF download of the invoice or shipping notice. Later I noticed it but the link expired after 72 hrs?


Also I received my railed gas block today & was surprised to see that it only has holes for the pins on one side.

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