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Scott Rigell is a Shill for Dems.

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I can't believe I was duped by this prick oops.gif

I sent the following e-mailed this morning:


Dear Representative Rigell,


It is now very clear to me that we do not share the same conservative values. I find your support for raising taxes, as you stated while with the president yesterday, sickening. This is a total reversal of the platform you campaigned on when you ran for the office you now hold. I also disagree strongly with your support for “universal background checks” for firearms, as this would do nothing to stop bad people from doing harm to good people, and would be further infringement on my second amendment right to keep and bare arms. You will never again enjoy the two votes you received from my household, and we will now join in a concerted effort to see that you are never again voted into any public office. You sir have betrayed the trust of the very people who sent you to Washington.

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Some bullshit form letter about he's doing the peoples work. This prick is a real tool, he fooled a lot of people, we'll see how his next race goes 010.gif

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Same stuff we all get from most politicians. Very little honesty and truth left in politics. We have already started down the slippery slope of loosing what's left of our country.

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"Bare arms" = uncovered, naked, or exposed


Bear arms = to carry, endure, or maintain



Oh, and fuck that douche.

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this is why I don't vote for politicians, doesn't matter if they have a R or D after their name, they're all scum sucking parasites who are only looking to enrich themselves and rule over you like a two-bit mussolini wannabe.


I came to this conclusion back in 1973 with Nixon and his cronies, and things haven't changed since then.


voting is just like taking a narcotic, it will make you feel good but it doesn't do anything more then that

Edited by Matthew Hopkins
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