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5,56 AK74 Magazine

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Will these magazines fit into a Saiga 223 without a bulletguide?








I live in Germany and its near impossible to get a bulletguide here due to none of the shops like Kvar or Dinzag shipping outside of the USA. With some luck I was able to buy a Bakelite mag that was converted for the Saiga 223 but havent seen anything since and I dont really feel like buying the Izhmash mags for 70€ each.

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the magazines you are looking at are Polish Beryl magazines


similar to using AK-74 mags in a Saiga 5.45, they will generally feed OK without a bullet guide, but it's recommended to install one for 100% reliability.


they need to have the front feed lip modified to match the profile of an AK-47/AKM mag. alternatively you can modify the trunnion of the Saiga .223 so that the mags don't need to be modified. This involves removing about 2-3mm off the bottom of the trunnion locking lugs in the rifle, which would require at the very least a drill press with end mill bit to do cleanly. this effectively changes the Saiga .223 trunnion from AKM spec to AK-74 spec, at which point the rifle will accept Polish or Bulgarian 5.56 magazines unmodified.


note that the clear mags are not recommended. the polymer used in these mags is somewhat weak and tends to split at the steel reinforcement rib. the black mags use a sort of fiberglass resin that does not have this problem.


Unmodified Beryl mag left, modified (Saiga) Beryl mag right:





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Thank you guys for the tips, I will report as soon as i get myself one of the mags.

Another quick question, will these mags fit and feed buy adding a feedlip or is there more to them?








Could one say that generally all AK-74 Mags will fit the Saiga?

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as liberty-r-death said, those above are 5.45 mags. they would require the same modifications to fit into the gun as the Polish mags, and they will likely not feed correctly/reliably. you can sometimes use 5.45 AK-74 mags to partial capacity, but no guarantees that they will work.

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