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SGM 5 and 10 RD Mags Really Tight...

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I recently got my non stock mags for my Gen 1 Saiga. I havent fired it yet, but after loading the 5RD Mag into the gun with the bolt closed (no BHO). I find it pretty hard to charge. After Pulling back the Bolt I noticed it left a small groove in the shell. judging from the amount of force required to charge it I am just going to guess it won't cycle. Has anybody experienced something similar to this? Is there anything I can do? I have a Gen 1 unconverted Saiga 410. The factory mags work just fine. I am using 3" Winchester SuperX Slugs. Any advice would be helpful.





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Full mags with tight new springs push very hard on the underside of the bolt with the first round. So much so it is possible that if you stored it that way in the gun for home defense the first round could become so badly deformed that you can't chamber it. Load your new mags and let them sit a while (possibly a month or longer) outside the gun to "relax" the spring pressure. Or, if you use them on a regular basis, remove 1 round just prior to going out shooting to relieve a little pressure for loading and cycling until the spring softens. After a while they will relax enough that they don't deform the shell or cause cycling problems. As a last resort you could always remove half a coil from the spring at a time until you get enough let-off that it will cycle and still feed all the shells.

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I think it is actually a 4 round mag and you need to load four rounds in it, install in gun, chamber a round, remove the mag and add another round to the mag and install the mag in the gun = 5 rounds.


After thinking about this I was commenting above about a factory mag.


I think the SGM mags are made to install with the bolt open, not sure I do not have a 5 rounder.


Someone who knows what they are talking about will clear this up.

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