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Trigger reset issues.

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this is my first post here. I spent a whopping 1800 to get a new VEPR 12 delivered about one month ago. Have been out shooting now twice and both times Ive had a similar issue.


1st time I went out I shot about 100 rounds before the trigger stopped reseting. I would have to manually push the trigger forward to hear the click and be able to fire again.


I brought the gun home cleaned it charged literally about 1000 times and it seemed to do a functions check just fine.


2nd time out, I headed into the woods so I could really open it up rapid fire. The same issue came up, about 70-80 rounds in the trigger stopped resetting.


To Clarify, I was tought to hold the trigger back and release only after bringing the weapon back on target. When I do this the trigger jams up. If I let off the trigger quickly it seems to be hit or miss on the reset. Any time I manually charge the bolt with the trigger depreseed, to do a functions test, it will not reset.


I also seem to have FTE issues with the SGM mags, Not a huge issue for me. But the trigger reset thing needs to get fixed.


Anyone here know of a simple work around before I, A. send it in for warranty service and am without a shotgun for months( Ive allready modified the gun with a very difficult to remove folding stock(mako group) and a locktited on adjustable polychoke/breaching muzzle break), or B. spend few hundread on a gunsmith and a good trigger group replacement.



Thanks guys!


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Is it a stock trigger? if so, a simple fix without sending the gun back to Wolf might be installation of a Tromix FCG from CSS. The only hangup using the Tromix is occasionally the safety contacts the disconnector when changing between the safe and fire position. A little bit of filing to the safety will eliminate that issue.

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That's a DIY, CSS has a kinds of videos on FCG replacement for a Saiga 12, it's just as simple. It will take you with the modification to the safety about 30 minutes tops. In fact you don't need to worry about the LRBHO spring in the Vepr it doesn't pop off like the Saiga 12.

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Texas Shooters Supply sells their modified Tapco G2 (they modify and sandblast theirs) specifically for the VEPR 12, and I have had zero issues since the install (it took me 15 minutes to install it in my car). Place an order online for it, they tend to sell out quickly but try to put out new ones every week. Your experience was the same as mine with the stock trigger. Problem solved and you will have 3 additional 922r compliance parts as well.

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Ok. so I was inspecting the action while chargeing the gun, I noticed the hammer was slightly burred where the trigger catchs, so I took a file on my gerber and went over it about 5- 10 light pulls, just enough to remove the burr. kinda lightly rounded the edge.....


This seems to have immediatly and completly solved my issues, and took literally 30 secs, and was free....


2 questions,


A- is this safe? It wont have any effect on the action of the safety.


B- Is this Legal? I live in Washington State.


Attached is a picture of the hammer still in the gun. You can see light glinting off the very edge of the hammer where I hit it with a very light fileing.


Again thanks in advance!


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What you need to do is make sure that there is NO point in the range of motion of the trigger inwhich allows the disconnector to release, and the hammer can CLEAR the hooks. If it does, you've ruined your FCG and made your gun potenial run a way or multiple fire. (felony). Best method is use a Zip tie around the trigger, to gradually increase the pull on it as you VIOLENTLY cycle the action. Try it a few times with each click of the zip tie. If you can go through the entire range without the hammer comming loose from the disconector and the hooks your good to go.

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