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I have a very nice Pre-Ban Essential Arms AR-15 in .223/5.56 with plenty of accessories including 5 metal mags, a carrying case with enough mag pouches on the side of it for all 5 of the included magazines, a green laser sight, a magpul angled foregrip, a collapsible stock with multiple storage compartments, and a carry handle scope mount. All of these would be included, however for the right price I might also include my 100 round drum magazine exciting.gif

I don't live in a state where pre-ban's are necessary, but for those of you in California, New York, etc YOU CAN LEGALLY OWN THIS AR-15!!! Fewer and fewer pre-bans on the market, and if you want a badass rifle that all of your friends will be jealous of, this is the rifle for you.

$2250 for everything including shipping to your FFL. $2500 if you want me to include the 100 round drum magazine.

Would also be open to trades! Things I am in the market for: Kriss Vector pistol, FN Five-Seven, Saiga-12, 6.8 ar-15 upper receiver, etc Besides guns I also am looking for a motorhome that maybe this could be used as partial payment towards. I am a huge supporter of bitcoins and would gladly accept bitcoin as payment for this rifle. I also will consider just about any offer.

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you!




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You might want to read a little more into how the kali law works. Pretty sure the only way old stuff was still legal there was if a resident of that state had it from before the ban and registered it - no transfers, no bringing in more from out of state.

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Really? unhappy.gif Well that is news to me. I thought the only reason that pre-bans were worth more money was because they were the only ones that citizens of the strict gun control states could purchase. Do you guys know if New York and Massachusetts have the same rules as California then? There has to be SOME reason that pre-bans are worth a few hundred bucks extra, right? If not, then the person who sold me this rifle was lying through their teeth and tricked me into paying way too much. wet_eyes.gif

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I don't know about the laws in MA, but in NY pre-ban guns have been legal to buy, sell and own - recent laws that were passed may have changed that.

For the most part, pre-ban doesn't mean shit if it was made in the US. Foreign stuff that was made in "assault weapon" configuration prior to the import ban in '89 means something, in that a modern rifle that is otherwise identical must contain several US parts to satisfy 922r. A pre-ban foreign "assault weapon" is wholly foreign made.

The only time "pre-ban" really matters, in general, for US-made items - when a company (for example, Intratec) is forced out of business by the ban and production is not resumed after the sunset. Even then, "pre-ban" is mostly a marketing phrase - if something's out of production, it's the rarity and finite quantity that drive value, not the fact that production happened to cease at the time of the ban. There are ban-configuration Intratec products that don't have the "assault weapon" features, but the company went under in 2001, and never was able to resume production. There are loads of AR-15s out there, made in the US, by most of the same companies as before the ban, and many more, in the same configurations as before the ban. Calico Light Weapons Systems managed to survive the ban and resume production in 2004, so even a pre-ban Calico is pretty meaningless unless you live in a state that restricts you to stuff made before '94. There may be other good examples of American-made stuff from before the ban, but nothing comes to mind.

It sounds like the guy either misled you, or was misled himself and was passing on bad info.

I'm not trying to shit on your sale - but it looks like you probably overpaid for the rifle, unless you can legally sell it in a ban state that could not otherwise possess it. In that case, you might be able to break even or better.

(is the 100-round drum pre-ban? If so, I imagine that's worth quite a bit some places)

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