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Dysfunctional's newly acquired used .410

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Manufacturer Year (Prefix): 95
Importer: Kalashnikov-USA, Pt St Lucie, FL
Import Year: No stamp
Gas Plug: Single Setting
Gas Puck Style: Old
Recoil Spring Dust Cover: None
Bolt Hold Open: None





I received my newly acquired used 410 from the seller through my FFL today. Seller is a bit disappointing as he sent the gun to the wrong state and forget to include all the magazines. Slowly getting that straightened out (obviously we got it from VA-WV to PA finally).


I have a CSS Saiga 12 Reliability Kit http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-967/Saiga-12-low-brass/Detail and a JTE Shotgun Performance Guide Rod http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1648/JT-ENGINEERING-SAIGA-12/Detail but I am guessing these are not usable on my model?


You can see my setup is one single spring, no spring dust cover, and "U" shaped metal (not a rod).





Also, it has the non-adjustable gas plug and a longer gas puck. Is that puck oriented correctly when installed (open end to front and flat end towards bolt carrier)? It is how it was in there but I can't tell from the blurry manual I found online if that is correct or not. I also do not have confidence that the previous owner has any situational awareness or attention to detail so I want to be sure before I touch off a round in it.





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I did my conversion:


- Fire Control Group

- JTE performance main spring

- Trigger guard

- Extended mag release

- Krebs Mark VI-S safety selector

- M4 commercial size stock adapter

- M4 VLTOR stock

- Saw grip

- Tromix Shark muzzle brake

- Carolina quad-rail

- Tromix charging handle knob

- Noveske K-9's

- HUD optic red/green

- Foregrip/falshlight/green laser/navigation light












I may add a Tango Down PR-4 sling mount in place of the stock tube mounted one. If I did my calculations correctly I am 922r compliant.

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That four letter word ending in "K" has gotten in the way of fun again. Had to work. So I still need to pick up some shells and test fire it. It passes the function tests and dry fire so I do not expect amy live fire issues. It came with 7 mags too (1-4rnd, 1-5rnd, 3-10rnd & 2-15rnd). The 10 rounders are a little loose side to side but tight front-to-back. Maybe this weekend I can get out, but it is 32 and snow flurrying off and on right now. I am enjoying the warmth indoors at the moment.

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I'm glad you converted it, that thing was hideous! Looks great now though. I'm still researching all the different types of 410's that were imported over the years to see what the "best" version is before I go looking for one to buy. I wonder if it'd be alright to add a V plug or DPH 6 position plug to you're gun?


Looking forward to a range report.

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...I wonder if it'd be alright to add a V plug or DPH 6 position plug to you're gun?...


Nope, not on a '99 or earlier 1st generation with the sabot looking puck (see post above where I linked to the answer).


Fired some slugs and #4 buck shot today. It is about 8"-12" low at ~25 yards. It is nicely centered though. So one thing to note when adding a quad rail is to not use thread locker until after you've tested your optic and are certain everything is both in-line with your bore axis and you can adjust your elevation. You may need to adjust how it is mounted. Before I apply the final thread locker I am going to experiment with altering the quad rail angle by placing a washer (or two) on the screws at the forearm tang and barrel mount areas. The idea will be to raise the rear (bolt end) and lower the front (barrel end) so that optic zero is closer to the bullseye and only a minor elevation adjustment will be required to dial in the dot. I think that should be sufficient to get everything lined up and still be able to securely fasten everything.

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Just about the only thing available locally that is affordable are Silver Bear slugs, Federal #4 buck shot and some bird loads. So I went with the slugs and buck shot. I will get into custom loads later after I get everything beyond the initial set up. I am only at the form, fit and function test phase on this setup. But I hear ya on testing different ammo to see what works. Better to have more expensive ammo that always feeds, fires and ejects than tons of cheap ammo that I can do nothing with.

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For greater adjustment, flexibility and efficiency. To adjust recoil (not a real factor on a .410). If all you can manage to run is 3" they'll potentially allow you to reliably run low brass and the shorter shells. But in a 1st gen there are no gas tube component upgrades available (at least I haven't found any). They're for a 2nd or 3rd generation gun.

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