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Help !! Vepr 12 or MKA 1919

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I am just about to buy either a MKA 1919 or a Vepr 12. I am based in the UK and will only use for practical shotgun competitions. With my budget I can only get the Standard Vepr 12 but the MKA will have a new stock, Level 10 tooth and nail forend, new bolt handle, trigger replaced, new gas block etc.


Both these come out between $2,500 and $3,000


Which should I buy?



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I've not shot the MKA 1919, but it seems like a fine piece. Seems well built, well thought out, and is gaining in popularity. I've looked over a lot in person- just never decided to buy one.


That said, I am personally partial to the VEPR because the platform, AK, has so much more support in terms of parts, accessories and options. Out of the box, the VEPR 12 is pretty capable.




Out of curiosity- have you fired one or the other or both?

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Due to uk laws legaly you are not allowed to borrow or even use firearms that are not on your firearm certificate, therefore I am unable to try each of them. I therefore have to go on recommendations and by seeking advice from forums like this one. I know that seems a little crazy that I am going to spend lots of money without even test firing, but its the only way I can do it.

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I almost got one during it's first release, but was very disappointed with it's unibody frame as there were no customizations available at that time, after converting the MKA 1919 to a collapsible/foldable stock and mid-length rail with the left-side charging handle, it seems like a winner. The owner of Firebird Precision understood about magazine demand, so they made a mag extender kit that let you take SGM Saiga 12 10-Round/12-Round Mags and use it in conjunction with MKA 1919 5-rounder mags (15-17 round mags!). I do really wish Molot USA cares more about it's VEPR 12 owners and produces more magazines for it's customer base. I do prefer the AR style safety on the MKA 1919 as well as some times my VEPR 12 safety creeps upwards into safety from fire and I miss my vital moment of fire (possibly user error, but the AR safety eliminates that error). I have read of some MKA 1919 owners not being able to cycle low-recoilloads, and their solution is using a low recoil spring (which is one similar solution for the VEPR 12). If you can get your hands on one, do it. My buddy just picked one up during spring break already converted.

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I have both smile.png Fly over to Sweden and you can try before you buy wink.png


The Akdal is new to me, and fairly new as a model. No big fan over how disassembly has to be done, the Molot is much better on this side.

Don't like the Magazines to much either, the Molot mags are better.


Happy with both, but my Vepr 12 is "all in" Open and would be my 1st choice if I did it over again.

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Plastic reciever (Akdal) or thick RPK metal (VEPR)?

Expensive magazine modifications (Akdal) or reasonable priced 10-12 rounders (VEPR)?

Easy disassembly and maintenance (VEPR) or not so much (VEPR)?

Both have LRBOH.

Both seem to run reliabily with little changes on almost all ammo.

Most like the AR style safety on the Akdal better.

Cost is comparable.


May sound biased, but these are issues I have heard debated by owners of both.

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