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Ironwood furniture for VEPR 12- coming soon!

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So, Matt and I have been trading emails about wood furniture for the VEPR 12. Good news for VEPR 12 owners...



We are working on completing the Vepr 12 lower HG. It will be RPK shaped, with the correct
inletting for the Vepr 12 receiver. We already have the upper developed. And because the receiver is stamped,
(based on the pics from the site link you had sent) , we have the butt stock covered as well.
Should have the lower hand guard worked most likely by months end.



While I usually don't post verbatims from emails, I did want to share in the case there are others who thought about their VEPR and Ironwood.





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I have some wood furniture from Iron Wood Jestice Arms that was fitted to a Vepr. I am not using it, however. It is very nice stuff, but I decided to go with other furniture.


EDIT: Sorry, I thought it was Iron Wood, I went back and checked with the gentleman I purchased it from. Either way, it is a full RPK set fit to the Vepr and currently finished in cranberry.

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This is what the set I have currently looks like... not sure if it's downward angled or not.




nice, ec4 was it hard to remove the stock polymer piece on the upper hg? mine is very hard to remove, how did you remove yours?


Just have to get it in a vice and keep twisting... no biggie.

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Sounds good.

Hopefully the butt stock does not have the downward angle found on RPK's.

he offers them both ways, wtraight comb or original comb. They will just be his standard rpk stocks, vepr-12 will accept any rpk stock.


Good to know. Options are good.

Clubfoot only for the butt stock?

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Good to know. Options are good.

Clubfoot only for the butt stock?


Mike said you could get the lower and upper hand guards- then a stock.


So, while not offered as a set per se, you could piece-meal your way to one.

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