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Goodbye polymer, hello aluminum! My new MKA/TAC-12

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The tale of the Firebird and the logo   The firebird is the phoenix, the bird that rose from its own ashes.   I was once very into dragboat racing and would race at Firebird international raceway

Can I request a lower that has an additional engraving around the safety... that looks like this  

I dont believe you have any idea if firebird would even consider this, before you start speaking to the forum about starting something like this, you should find out if FB would want to do this. I rea

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The first production run of TAC-12s is at anodize right now, and will be in hand very shortly. In all probability they will start shipping late next week.

Ok, it's already "late next week". Anybody got theirs yet?

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I have to say that in Firebirds defense "processing" doesn't mean ready to ship.

I am sure there other things that need to be done to the lowers after anodizing to make them saleable. Plus trigger assemblys need to be installed and tested on the ones getting them. Like mine!

So maybe later next week we'll get phone calls from Nanci....

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I'm 25th in line...no call yet.

I'm 23rd and staying close to the phone.


Anubis did mention that of the first 30, some would be made into complete shotguns. The remainder will be used to fill the waiting list in the order they were placed.



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I don't either. Hey you guys with numbers, when did you get on the list? I made the call on 1/21.

It was a while ago ,,,,,first on the list,,, but worth the wait I believe. I thought it was mailed last week but they wanted to make sure everything was perfect before sending the first one out. Talked to FB Friday and after going through the final check and having the feed ramp installed (jig needed to be re-adjusted to fit the "white" receiver), it is done and will be mailed monday, if it has not already left. Being so early on the list, they where kind enough to send the receiver in "white", so we can custom anodize it at our shop (I was told by FB to explain that only 2 are being released in "white", both are already sold, all the rest are black anodized only). I'll post some pics when I get it. Edited by PYRO
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