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As many of you know there is an issue with the scope mount availability and design for the supers, the rail is offset even more the the left than the regular vepr and saigas because of the beautiful wood, in my opinion, the overhanging design is terrible, but we make do with what we have, here I have a M76 scope mount from kalinka website, I purchased it because on the pictures it sits very low and i thought it would work for my rifle, well the mount as it came sat way lower than i thought, I had to take off the top cover, remove the bolt carrier to be able to mount the mount. So I decided to make a spacer to adjust the height, while i was adjusting the height i thought i would move the rail section to the right to put the optic right over the bore. Here are a few pics of that attempt.






As you can see, i had to use a few spacers to raise the mount and then a spacer to move it over to the right. Next wanted to make the design a little simpler and eliminate the amount of spacers, I made one block that raised and moved the block to the right.






With this new block, I miscalculated and had the block made too far to the right, also the block was too low, i don't have pictures but when you place a scope onto the rail, you have to slide the scope forward to make sure it clears the rear sight block, when you want to slide off the scope with the scope mount, the rear sight block interferes with the objective bell on the scope, so you cant remove the scope to clean the weapon, also you could not remove the rear cover because the mount was barely over it. so you couldn't clean it with the scope on. On the next block, I made sure that the objective bell would clear the rear sight block and i could remove the scope with the mount, and i can remove the bolt carrier with the scope still on so i wont have to lose zero or have any doubts of zero when i clean the weapon.



Here it is










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Looks good. It'll look better when you paint it black ;) Your spacer is almost begging for a rail to be mounted...


My Hunter came with the same side mount. I thought it was too tall, so I took out the vertical spacer. I'm having a friend machine a horizontal spacer to center the rail. How much over did you move it to center it over the bore?

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