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Hey guys,

I just bought a partially converted Saiga 7.62x39 with a 20" barrel last week. It looked really nice, it was very lightly used and has the conversion done to the point where it accepts AK magazines. All this for $475.00; I had to snatch it up. That brings me to where I am now, I pick the rifle up tomorrow along with a m1 garande I bought the same day. Now I have had several saigas come and go from my collection and this time I'm not letting go. I want to convert this one all the way, not sure if I'll do a pistol grip or skeleton stock since its such a long gun the skeleton might look better, but either way I defiantly going to move the trigger without any doubt. Now, before I move forward I have a couple of questions for you guys....


1. Who makes the best ( most reliable, best fitting ) trigger for my conversion is it still a tapco G2 or is there something a little better out there? How reliable over the long term is the tapco and is one of their models significantly better than the others.


2. Is there anything I should look for with the magazine conversion, like is there a common mistake or problem that can develop from that conversion having been done wrong; could someone post a top down pic of their properly done conversion so I can compare it against mine, again I didn't do the conversion the former owner did.


3. Where can I find a scope, other than those old Korean war era sks scopes, that will slide right onto my standard saiga scope mount without breaking my bank (willing to spend up to $250), I don't need anything to crazy since the range is only maybe 300yards on the gun and I still have better than 20/20 vision just something with some illumination so i can see the cross-hairs, dot or delta at night. Also interested in what people have to say about the ultimak and weather or not it fits properly I hear some guys are left with a gap? Is this ok? and if I decide to go ultimak which one do I get? the regular ak one and not the one for saiga shotguns, right?


* If I go pistol grip I'll probably use the ultimak and if I decide on a skeleton stock I'll use a scope or acog side mount simply because I think they look better that way. Its just an IMO thing I know your millage may vary. In the spirit of this feel free to post pics of your conversions maybe I'll catch on to some new ideas I haven't seen before.


-Thanks in advance for help guys-


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Just my thoughts but if i had a 20" x39 id attempt a tabuk style/dmr look to it but americanized i spose. 1: i would put my vote in the ring for dinzags modded g2, that and hes got all the other parts you're gonna want to do the conversion. 2:there are vids on css that show in full detail the bullet guide installation, its on youtube. File the mag catch a little at a time n you should be good. 3: for scope mounts and the limit you placed on cost for the scope i would have to say get a midwest industries mount and a primary arms 1-4x scope. Scopes cost alot of $, im saving up for a vortex 1-4x for my x39 and a 2.5-10x for my 308. And thats only bc wifey would kill me if i spent more on a scope than that ;)

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