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Hey guys so im messin around with the thought of getting a slide fire stock, the bumpski actually because its nice looking and aluminum and much faster firing rate than the slide fire solution stock. So what im wondering is will this stock wear the rifle out faster even if i dont let her get too hot. i know the saiga ak can handle a LOT of heat but i also know from experience that throat erosion happens much quicker and is much more abundant when firing quickly and not letting it cool down. made that mistake with my first one but even after 5000 more rounds it is still going strong and my dad shoots it all the time. What do you all think?

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Michelle Gregory, spokeswoman for the California Department of Justice, says bump stocks would be considered illegal "multi-burst trigger activators" under state law — although that interpretation has yet to be tested in court.



Spetnaz, DO NOT do it in CA unless you have $ for a good lawyer!


Here is the link, http://news.yahoo.com/add-ons-let-semi-autos-fire-military-weapons-201305718.html


Here is where I found it. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=698825


Tread carefully with that stock in CA! The jackass folks in power are just waiting for it to go to the courts! While by definition it is not a multi burst device.....the vultures seem to be waiting in the dark!

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I have one and i love it, and just because you have access to basically full auto doesnt mean you have to use it..semi auto is still an option. I put a 50 gallon drum that had been cut in half at about 40 to 50 yards and with a red dot, and vertical forend grip i hit a 2x2 target 12 out of 15 times using the bump stock mode. Sure its not hitting a dime multiple times at a 100 yards but thats what the sniper rilfe is for biggrin.png.. and yes it is a good way to show boat and waste some ammo..but if you are cautious with how often you use it then you should get one. Very fun and extremely useful.

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