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Howdy, im looking to trade my 19" fully converted Saiga 12 for a KSG, M1a of any variety, or a spas 12.

used to be huge into the saiga scene, not so much anymore.

Solid utg aluminum quad rail. with two top rail section lengths.
Magpull AFG
Internal receiver block.
DPH solid aluminum skeleton stock on a push button folding mechanism.
CSS conversion kit with CSS trigger guard.
Saw pistol grip.
MD arms V-plug gas plug.
bolt carrier group polished. (could use a touch up)
Only negative would be a bare metal patch on the bottom as i did not have the bake on paint when converted. (i just keep it oiled)

great shooter! will cycle bulk wally world ammo flawlessly.







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Not trying to change ur mind but I would keep the saiga if you haven't handled a KSG or spas 12 yet try and find one you can mess with first or test fire. The KSG is a nice compact pump shotty but it does have a few problems with the tube switching and the forend if you add a vertical grip. Since its made out of polymer the force from a VG with crack the railed forend in half. Not all of them are reported with problems but if you read up on it there has been a lot of cases with different issues. The good thing is Kel Tec will fix it everytime u send it in.


The spas 12 I personally owned but I sold it. Its very bulky and cumbersome to use. I loved the look but the folding stock will give a beating on ur shoulder. Its heavy and to load it the gun needs to be upside down. Not to mention the kill switch safety if you find one get one with the push safety not the lever. Just my 2 cents from experience. Good luck with ur trade bud!

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SPAS-12's are crap. I've owned two & would never buy another one. Won't cycle anything but high brass in semi-auto, bolt holes strip out too easily, & ZERO parts availability. I had to fabricate all my own parts & even upgrade a few because the factory parts were substandard. The Saiga-12 absolutely kicks the SPAS-12's ass all the way around.

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