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One more question..bare with me please.

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WTF! is wrong with that guy....I am sorry I once defended SS and his alter ego! After more reading what that clown was/is doing, I feel like the ass now.   I have seen a few changes in this forum si

Spetnaz Soldier: I have had your back in more than one thread. I now understand why you find yourself the center of bitch matches so often. It's this tit-for-tat attitude that makes for an easy tar

Dubs ...........quit picking on SS.........that's my job.   As a Teamsters Union brother....you should know better then to take a senior union brothers job without proper training.

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Im sorry but in all honesty if you've done that many conversions, little things like how tight a fit the stock is shouldn't come up. I had my x39 converted by a smith bc i was worried about doing the trigger at 1st but after that when i got into upgrading parts like the stock or handguard (eventually dremeling my own ventilation slots and installing rails) it was a piece of cake. After i did the 308 conversion by myself (thats one under my belt) i feel more than capable of ordering some parts and picking up some locktite. Hell, if the it werent for what that gunshop did to my x39 i wouldnt have fixed her n sold her bc even though i knew she was solid i just wanted something new. Regardless between a boat shop stocked with saigas and 40+ conversions under your belt but still asking questions on little things... it doesn't add up.

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uh ok ive converted a bunch of rifles..that has nothing to do with the question i am asking. im wondering if stamped receivers are known to have flaws like the one i described. i wouldnt know because ive never noticed it before.


ive never had a buttstock be stuck in the receiver either and that was not what i was asking on that thread. i was asking if i forced a stock that was way too tight in would it hurt the receiver in the rear. i may be a worry wart but not a liar.


Just checking in because I think most people on this forum honestly do want to help out. You stated you have converted a bunch of rifles. However, you are wondering if stamped receivers are known to have faint lumps kinda by the top by the rail on the safety lever side. Correct? So is it safe to assume none of the other conversions you performed were done on stamped receivers. Is that right? It would really be helpful for everyone who wants to help you to see a picture of the faint lumps by the top rail on the safety side of the rifle in question. Can you please do that? That would help everyone out and also alleviate the off color banter.


On a separate non-Saiga note... the topic subject "One more question..bare with me please" is grossly incorrect. Bare implies being disrobed, like "bare ass naked". You are basically asking us to disrobe with you. What you probably meant was "One more question... bear with me please" as in "please be patient with me while I try to explain why I'm asking for your help." While this forum is primarily about Saiga rifles, there's no reason we can't also help each other about the proper use of the English language.

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"................and i dont have 40 saigas dubya..thats about how many conversions ive done..."



Okay dude, the point is you're dishonest and frankly it's insulting that you think anyone is stupid enough to believe your stories.


You flat out told me, in a PM that I saved, that you're a GUNSMITH, which now that I brought it in the open, you admit that you're not.


You also told me, in the same PM, that you have converted OVER 40 Saiga's but now its only ABOUT 40 Saiga's.


Those are just two of many examples of you "fibbing" your way around here and I've been sitting, reading quietly keeping to myself but I've seen enough of the bullshit. STOP THE STORIES! Quit thinking nobody notices because they do. I know I'm not the only one.


I'm done, say what you want and get the last word in.

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You really are unstable aren't you? You're the type that we need to keep guns away from, not I. Only god knows what would happen if someone did something you didn't like while you were physically near them. It honestly does scare me that spazoids like you are running around with AK's. Thankfully yours are all make believe!

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This ss guy needs to go. I've been a member here for awhile now and can tell when someone is seaking attention. Almost 500 posts for newer member...to much negativity. Someone with any firearm knowledge wouldn't be asking these kind of questions

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im done explaining my self to you dubya i was asking about a receiver not your junkie opinion you drug addict fuck. i have done many conversions none that i have noticed any receiver type "issue" but it doesnt matter at this point. your a fuckin punk ass junky who shot him self in the foot to get pain pills. its people like you that shouldnt have guns you fuckin druggy. go get your next fix, get a life and a job, your on this forum all day long fishin for something to bitch about. i never told a lie. i have been workin on guns longer than you have been alive. punk.

If you've been working on guns longer then Dubya has been alive , and still have a punk chip on your shoulder, then please get some professional counseling.

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Watch out for suspicious "new" members...

Paranoia will destroy you.



We arre all suspicious.....at least to Liberals

Doesn't mean they aren't out to get me.

But ya never know....

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SS, you're a complete slime ball! You went into your PM's and deleted and edited all the bullshit stories about being a GUNSMITH and doing OVER 40 conversions because you were afraid I'd post the PM here!


Dishonesty and lying will get you nowhere in life but I doubt your pea brain can comprehend that.

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Wait a damn minute! Does this mean I could be SS! For Buddahs sake Now Im Paranoid! Im out to get ME!

I better check my facts.

1. This is my first Saiga. And conversions are not my gig. I think we have proven that.

2. I have a raging temper that prevents me from being patient in any way.

3. I dont take my meds to keep my temper in check.

4. If I were a gunsmith I wouldnt even buy guns from me.

5. I like Tapco.

6. Give me your nachos bitches.

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dubya, on 06 Apr 2013 - 02:42, said:

That's not it, that's edited. In the original he said he has done OVER 40 conversions not ABOUT. I think he actually said 40+


Slime. Pure slime.

dubya you do not know what you are talking about bud. i have done around 40 maybe more conversions and whether you believe it or not means nuthin. you need to a get a life man, stalking this forum fishing for drama, if you have an old lady you arent gettin any OR you have a small dick and around the house you have no say in anything or power whutsoever so you bring it here and take it out on people you are jelous of. I dont care what you think or what jetmech thinks or what anybody else thinks for that matter. Im leaving this forum because of you dick heads and joining a different one. i hate this fuckin place now. youre a cock sucker and i hope shoot youre other foot you piece of shit.haha.gif

the drama.

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