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socom 16 whats a good price these days

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I found someone selling a socom 16 with a 50 round drum and 7 20 round mags and an ERB stock for 3000. Does that sound like a reasonable price these days or am I just following the panic buyers. It is a sweet gun and would finish my gun buying(for now at least). What do you guys think?

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Some one with more ballistic background might be able to get into this better but do you get the benefit of a 308 with the shorter barrel. Seems like that caliber is usually in a 22 inch or longer barrel. Got to admit the gun looks hell-a-cool and bad ass. Even with a shorter barrel I sure it’s still got a pretty good punch but over distance does it shoot well or is that even an issue to you?

With the extras and all in today’s market 3 may be the new number.

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I'm not planning on 500 yard shots an if it's accurate out to 200-300 I'd be thrilled but I've never shot one so I'm not sure how it will do at that distance


2-300 yards, that's nothing for a center fire rifle, you can do that with a AR for a whole lot cheaper.


IMO, if you're going to drop a small fortune on that, make sure you really, really want it and that it's not "wim"

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