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Went to the range this morning to shoot some PMC 55grn FMJ through the 20" Verpnov to see if I groupings might improve with new factory ammo. Weather was good low to mid 40's temp, sunny, winds around 10-12 mph.


I shot sub MOA at 100 yards when I did my part. Here is a photo for proof since evryone always say with out photos it didn't happen. Did it several times, but took just these two pics with my phone. Measured the quarter at home and it's about 7/8's on an inch in diameter.







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Here's how it looks right now. Sporting the Nikon P223 variable power scope.


There were three people sighting in scopes for a Hog shoot. They seemed a bit ticked that only one of them could shoot his bolt gun as well. haha.gif


I'm able to get 3-4 inch iron sight groups all day and occasionally better. I really wanted more than 3-4 inch average so I decided to scope it knowing that in a pinch I could flip the side mount lever and ditch the scope. With the scope I can get Sub MOA nearly all day as long I do my part.


I am Happy, Happy, Happy.032.gif


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Were you shooting bench rest groups with that donkey dick mag hanging out the bottom of the gun?


You would do much better with a short mag, on some real bags, down low on the bench.



I used an ammo can and bags to get the elevation needed to clear the bench using the 30 rnd mag. Shorter mag and getting it low would likely help, but it's a battle rifle with a scope. I shoot it how I would use it if the SHTF.


As for the number in the groups, I shot several five shot groups and then kept on shooting the target so pictures were no good. I can say is was getting 2 inch groups with 30 rounds, but no pics. I just wanted to have a photo to actually show results.


If I had a lead sled I'd mount it up an see what taking the human factor out of it would do. Alas,the Vepr seems limited by my human error.

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what are your five shot groups? did you ever try that?


have you tried the 60+ grain projectiles?

I did have five shot groups same result, but no pics as mentioned in previous posts. No I have not used 60+ grain. The Nikon scope is designed to have bullet drop comp for 55 grain.

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The Saiga is as good as any AR out there. The fact that it will shoot anything makes them mad. You have a nice rifle mine is not a VERP but it does the same.

Just started using Frog Lube and they claim 3 to 15% better groups we will see

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