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VG Tactical 10rd mags

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I went through the photos and I agree that the lack of the ramps at the back of the magazines is probably not helping.


I'd also agree that opening the feed lips at the front to allow the shell to rise is likely to help a little.


Another thing that could help, would be to add a small wedge to the follower.

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Not that I am aware of.


There was a poly drum as well.. Not sure what happened to those people either, like 100 total production.


PS any original testers have the first generation Saiga-20 mags we sent them? I'd love to have one to put on my wall, I did not save one for myself.

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well if the folks at VG Tactical get a chance to try any fixes to their mag the ramp to the feed lips is fairly easy being metal off / plastic on just a small cut on core sides of the tool that forms the inside of the mag in that corner.

Seeing how the mag is not screwed together it would be harder but still possible to test this with super gluing a small wedge to the area it might resolve a lot of the problems with the mag.

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I bought 4 mags thinking I was getting a sweet deal. I was pretty disappointed to realize I couldn't get these mags to function. I am regretting not doing research on them before buying. I wish there was a legitimate functioning hi cap magazine for the 20! I know the sanders 13 rounds are functional but now they don't make them.

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