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Vepr Super 308 irons zeroing range report

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I finally had a chance to take my Arsenal Super 308 target shooting today. I was hoping to zero the irons and my scope, but got distracted with my buddy's shit and only had time for the irons.


I was shooting surplus German 7.62 mm NATO DAG 150 gr "Silvertip", sitting at a solid table and using one sand bag to support the weapon. Conditions were wet, windy and cold, with my fingers going numb by the end of the shooting session. I was also constantly distracted with my buddy's shenanigans. In addition, I am still getting used to the feel and ergonomics of this weapon. The trigger is a double-stage and feels very similar to the US made one that Arsenal puts on all of their AKs. Not too bad. Recoil still feels very mild, with my round ports.


I don't think that I did too badly, considering the less-than-ideal conditions and the very low radius open sights. Will probably tighten the groups up a bit in the future, but these sights and my aging eyes are always going to be the limiting factor. I was just doing my best to try to hit the middle of the orangy blobs. The contrast on these targets sucked in the lighting conditions too. I will use some higher contrast sights the next time


Here's the first target. The circled group was the first. The weapon was shooting a bit low. The rest of the shots were after a quick vertical sight adjustment. For some reason, I was also shooting a bit to the right, at first, but not later. Did not have to do a horizontal adjustment after all.




This is my final, zeroed group. At this point, I was getting tired and my fingers were really going numb from the cold. Still managed a 4.5" group, if we discount the "flier" on the right.



Any way, this is probably not too useful. The irons on this weapon should be used as emergency back-up only. I will be zeroing it with a scope next weekend. Then, we will see what this weapon is truly capable of (in my hands).

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for iron sights, that was what I got as well, I have a metal gong the size of the largest orange circle and I hit it every time with irons at 100. I used to have the german DAG ammo and now I ran out, I don't get more because its berdan primed and I cant reload it. The groups are smimlar to the wolf steel cased ammo by the way.

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