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We are happy to announce we finally have these back in stock!

$25 Shipped, in the continental US.

To order, please contact Racegal20 or myself with a PM. We'll take care of you right away.


 Since I first came up with this idea around 8 years ago, these vented steel upper handguards for the S-12 & S-20, have been in high demand.They require no tools to install, a rubber mallet is helpful however, when seating them in place. They have been custom fitted to snap down over your S-12 or S-20 gas tube, and the upper edges of your lower HG or stock forearm keep them snug in place. They look great, and also serve the purpose of protecting you (or your gun case) from a hot gas tube, after emptying a few mags through your shotgun.

  We also have some of these available for the SKS rifles. Please specify so that you receive the correct one.


Due to very limited stock (for now...), we would prefer to fill orders for just one HG, per customer, until the rest of our stock comes in. That way we can hopefully keep enough in stock to serve as many different customers as we can for a bit. If you do want more than one, please do let us know and you will be assured first dibs on the next batch to come in. We apologize for any inconvenience.


 I took these photos today out in the sun, to give everyone an idea what they look like installed on various different Saigas and SKS rifles of mine. The American flag is a reminder that these are made in USA! Please support your local American small businesses! If it wasn't for us little guys out there... the innovators who originally come up with the custom parts & ideas for the Saigas over here, it would still just be the ugly duckling it was 10 years ago!


 Now for some pics to show how much we believe in actually using the products and services we sell.

These pics are kinda big to show detail (click to enlarge), so I'll be adding each different weapon in a separate post.



One of my first...

Saiga 20 gauge -     When I decided to put Russian wood on this shotgun, way back when...there were really no American made accessories for these guns. I fashioned a lower HG retainer from an AK rifle one. Rather than go through all the trouble custom making parts, to be able to add a wooden upper HG, I decided instead to go with this. It has worked very well to keep my barrel and gas tube cooler, kept my fingers from getting burned on the gas tube, and gives the gun a custom look I like.





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Here's another of my old custom builds I had a lot of fun with. I thought the SVHG looked great with the custom hand-guard and barrel shroud. I call this one my 'Black Widow'. 011.gif There's a thread on here somewhere about it from when I first finished it.





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Lastly, here are a couple of my SKS rifles I decided to use these on for better cooling and extra cool factor. 032.gif First is one of my Norincos, and next the Yugoslavian. I'll be keeping my Chinese Paratrooper and Russian Tula as they were NIB. ;)







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DPH Arms used to carry them for AKM rifles. I would check there first. They had some that replaces the whole gas tube and all.


 I do have them custom fitted to work in standard AK or Vepr HGs though.

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Yes actually I've been wondering if anyone was going to ask that question. Here are some pics of one installed on one of my Vepr12's. 


These are $30 plus $5 shipping. I used an AK upper HG spring inside to keep it fitting snug. If you have a way to get it tack welded in the lower four corners it could be mounted permanently.









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